Camp Get Right


Welcome to Camp Get Right!

Camp Get Right is an opportunity for young scholars to learn successful tools that will propel them towards excellence. Too often do we leave our future leaders blindly walking toward what could be their destiny or demise. Instead, we prepare them for fulfilling, wealthy lifestyles and teach them how to turn vision into fruition through enriching, interactive activities.

Shine Institute Address: 3210 Prosperity Church Rd #203 Charlotte, NC, 28269

4 Cā€™s of Camp Get Right

Cognition - We emphasize the importance of creating a strong thought process through critical thinking and problem solving. This allows for mental fortitude and independent thinking.

Creation - We aim to strengthen creative thinking in ways that allow for big ideas to translate into tangible plans. Scholars learn no idea is too big and it is possible to create anything out of nothing.

Currency - We educate on foundational money management tips. We aim to prevent future detrimental mistakes and hardships by providing education.

Culture - We utilize relatable topics to make the learning experience fun and relevant. This allows students to associate things from their current lifestyle with the educational material we provide.