About Us

BreadWinners is a financial literacy organization originally founded on UNCC’s campus. The purpose of the organization is teach millennials about professional development, entrepreneurship and how to create true wealth for themselves.  We teach college students this information and then have these college students go out into the community and pass on this information to middle and high school students economically empowering our community through knowledge share. We do this through fun and interactive games and activities that keep students active and engaged.

BreadWinners enlightens teenagers and young adults on the importance of managing their money, finding their skill sets, and pursuing their passions. We help these young adults gain a true understanding of the value of money and their own skill sets, and show them how these two things can be used in order to improve today’s community and generations to come.

We strive to create more financially informed adults and a more self-sustaining economy.

Meet the Founders


“You will find wealth not within your wallet, but within your heart, your passion, and your loved ones.”

Cody Dorce

Cody Dorce is currently a student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, studying Economics and Philosophy. Cody's interest in financial education stems from the social injustices that are a result of economic inequality. He co-founded BreadWinners with Kris Sherrod after recognizing the extreme interest for Cryptocurrency and other investment vehicles that was not being fulfilled across UNCC's campus.

Cody is raised in Concord, NC. He is the son of Claudy and Pascale Dorce.

Kris Headshot (2).jpg

“Don’t just talk about change. Get up and help create it.”

Kris Sherrod

Kris Sherrod graduated from University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in Finance in 2018. He took an interest in finance because it allowed him to utilize his gifted mathematical abilities while gaining a deeper understanding for the extreme American obsession of the dollar. Kris feels as though many problems can be solved and people can be aided through financial education. He obtained his NC Life Insurance License in April 2018.

Kris is originally from Raleigh, NC. He is the son of James and Marsha Sherrod and has two brothers, Clee and Terez Sherrod.